Australian Parliament House

Australias meeting place

The meeting place of the Parliament of Australia, the Australian Parliament House, is in the centre of Canberra, Australia’s capital city. The building was officially opened on May 9, 1988, by Queen Elizabeth II.

The Parliament House is designed to symbolise democracy and to be a functional space for the country’s government. The building is a modern architectural masterpiece featuring a striking triangular shape that rises above the landscape. The structure comprises over 4,000 tonnes of granite and 30,000 cubic metres of concrete. It is also designed to be environmentally sustainable, using passive heating and cooling systems, water recycling, and energy-efficient lighting.

Australian Parliament House is a popular destination for visitors to Canberra, with guided tours available to the public. Visitors can see the parliamentary chambers, view the artworks and sculptures, and learn about the history and function of the Australian Parliament.