Canberra Theatre Centre

Canberra Theatre Centre is Canberra’s premier performing arts venue, providing world class performing arts and entertainment.

Australia’s first performing arts centre, the Canberra Theatre Centre was opened in 1965 and was one of a series of iconic performing arts venues built during this time, along with The Lincoln Centre (New York City), Philharmonie (Berlin), and the National Theatre of Japan (Tokyo).

The theatre includes two main performance venues The Playhouse seating over 600 and the Canberra Theatre seating over 1.2k.

Located centrally in Civic Square, only 500m from Novotel, the Canberra Theatre Centre is the focal point for performing arts in Canberra and is often considered the heart of the city.

Visit Canberra and the Canberra Theatre Centre to experience world class performing arts, from theatre, live concerts, to comedy and more. Plan your visit within walking distance at Novotel Canberra for the best City experience.