Cockington Green Gardens

Escape to the vibrant estate of Cockington Green Gardens, located in Gold Creek, easily accessible just a short drive from Novotel Canberra. Take a journey into a meticulously crafted miniature world and pause for a moment of tranquillity amidst the gardens.

Explore a 19th-century English village, where cobblestone streets wind past charming cottages, each detail bringing the tiny town to life. Delve into the International Display, a celebration of global wonders in miniature form. From the Eiffel Tower to the Great Wall of China, iconic landmarks transport you worldwide in a single visit. Board the miniature steam train for a dreamy ride through landscapes where rhythmic chugging becomes the soundtrack to your miniature escapade.

Experience Cockington Green Gardens included with your stay by booking our Weekend Escape Package, relax in comfort with premium leisure facilities and a gourmet restaurant, First Edition Canberra. Your passport to the nation’s capital includes a choice of selected Canberra experiences, accommodation in the city centre and a complete buffet breakfast.

Perfect for families seeking enchantment, a romantic date, or a solo explorer ready for a fanciful adventure. Cockington Green Gardens promises a memorable journey into a world where big dreams come in small packages.