National Convention Centre Canberra

The National Convention Centre Canberra, (NCCC) serves as a pivotal hub for various national and international events. The exterior, with its striking facade and expansive glass walls, mirrors the progressive spirit of the capital city.

Situated in the heart of Canberra, within walking distance of Novotel, the NCCC offers a wide range of entertainment for visitors, from international conferences and trade shows to cultural exhibitions, concerts, theatre, art displays and more.

The centre is a dynamic space that constantly evolves to showcase the best of Australia and the world. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in intellectual discussions, witness ground breaking innovations, and appreciate the rich cultural tapestry on display within its walls.

Providing a unique and enriching experience, the NCCC, encapsulates the essence of Canberra as a hub of innovation, culture, and collaboration.

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