The National Dinosaur Museum

Established in 1993, the museum has grown from just a small collection to housing one of the largest permanent displays of dinosaur and other prehistoric fossil material in Australia. Located in Gold Creek Village, only 15 minutes from Novotel Canberra, the National Dinosaur Museum is one of the capitals premier tourist attractions offering an interactive insight into the earth’s long and dynamic history.

The museum houses life-like dinosaur models, full skeletons, skulls, and animatronic dinosaurs, and visitors can navigate through millions of years of earth’s ancient past.

Focusing on education and entertainment, the museum offers a wide variety of activities to schools and the general public. From guided tours of the museum to birthday parties for the kids, there are many ways to experience this cretaceous exhibition.

Intriguing, educational, and fascinating, the National Dinosaur Museum invites you on an immersive adventure, offering a window into a prehistoric world that will leave you in awe.

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