Canberra Balloon Spectacular

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Witness the breathtaking sight of hot air balloons gracefully drifting across the city’s skyline over nine glorious days.

Each morning, weather permitting, balloons will begin to inflate at 6:00 am on Patrick White Lawns, with launches around 6:30 am. For early risers, a delightful hot breakfast awaits as you watch the balloons ascend and traverse the dawn sky. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch glimpses of the balloons throughout the morning, with fantastic viewing spots around the lake and from the Arboretum.

Daily updates regarding the balloon launches will be available around 6:00 am on the event website, as well as on the Enlighten Festival and Events ACT social media channels.

As a guideline, if wind speeds exceed 10 km/hour or if they are blowing from the west, balloon launches from Patrick White Lawns are unlikely due to airspace restrictions around the airport. Other factors such as rain may also impact launch decisions. However, if launches are not possible but conditions permit, some balloons may inflate and tether at Patrick White Lawns, still offering a spectacular sight for early attendees.